HP 4th of July sale: get a gaming PC with an RTX 3060 for under $950

HP 4th of July sale: get a gaming PC with an RTX 3060 for under $950
The HP Victus 15L gaming PC on a desk.
HP has been quite impressive recently with its OMEN lineup of laptops and Desktops, and it’s done a pretty great job of the Victus as well, giving you a great gaming PC for a great price. In fact, HP is even discounting it further for the 4th of July, with a $920 price tag instead of the $1,400 it usually goes for, which is a significant $480 discount.

Under the hood, the Victus 15L runs an RTX 3060, which is a relatively powerful card, and while it won’t win any awards, it’s great if you want a mid-range graphics card. In fact, you’ll be able to play everything from Diablo 4 to Call of Duty: Warzone with relatively good settings, although you’ll likely have to give up some graphical settings for a higher framerate. Luckily, this RTX 3060 has 12 GB of VRAM, so you can use RTX DLSS to help with better graphics and higher graphical settings. The Victus 15L also has a ton of space, with a 512Gb SSD for primary storage and a 1TB HDD for secondary storage. However, the latter won’t be great for AAA gaming, so keep those on the primary storage, or consider upgrading it yourself.

As for the CPU, you get an Intel Core i7-12700, a mid-to-high-end processor that will be more than enough for most folks; whether you’re doing productivity tasks, editing, or streaming, you won’t likely bump up against the i7’s limit. RAM is also pretty good at 16GB of DDR4, which isn’t the fastest, but it’s a great base for a sub $1,000 pre-built desktop, and you can always upgrade it up to 32GB RAM. That will mean replacing the current RAM sticks, but, much like the SSD upgrade, it’s not a complex operation if you’re even slightly tech-savvy.

Overall, the HP Victus 15L is a great mid-range gaming desktop at an incredibly low price from HP’s 4th of July deal. Considering that an RTX 3060 alone could run you $300, the discounted price of $920 is pretty great, although, as always, it’s worth checking out some other gaming PC deals, although we doubt you’ll find a better RTX 3060 build for cheaper.

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