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Alex Jones takes the stand in second Sandy Hook defamation trial over his false ‘hoax’ claims

Jones, who has repeatedly derided the court process on his Infowars show, was confronted in the opening moments of his testimony with some of his past rhetoric assailing the judicial system.

“You’ve been calling it a kangaroo court yourself, right?” asked Christopher Mattei, a lawyer for the Sandy Hook families.

“Yes,” Jones responded.

“And you’ve called the judge a tyrant?” Mattei asked.

“Yes,” Jones said.

Sandy Hook families ask judge to order Alex Jones to relinquish control of his company, alleging he transferred millions to himself and family

Jones, who has been repeatedly reminded during his testimony by Judge Barbara Bellis that he must obey courtroom rules, later went on to tell the jury that “crushing the globalists” was the most important factor in his relationship with his audience. He claimed that the case is part of a “deep state” plot against him.

The trial is taking place a month after a Texas jury determined that Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, the parent of the fringe media organization Infowars, should award two parents nearly $50 million.

Jones baselessly told his audience in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that the incident was staged. He has since acknowledged the shooting occurred, but only after the lawsuits were filed. He said in a 2019 sworn deposition that a “form of psychosis” caused him to make his false comments.

In the Connecticut case, where Jones is being sued by eight more Sandy Hook families, Bellis issued a default judgment against the Infowars founder in November 2021 after he failed to comply with court orders.

Because the judge already ruled that Jones is liable, the jury is determining the amount in damages to award the plaintiffs. While the families have not specified a dollar figure, an attorney for the families asked jurors last week to “send a message” to the public with its decision.

Plaintiffs in three Connecticut lawsuits against Jones, including family members of eight school students and employees and one FBI agent who responded to the scene, have all been condensed into the trial that commenced earlier this month.

Mattei has argued during the trial that Jones pushed the Sandy Hook lie because it was profitable.

Norman Pattis, Jones’ attorney, has argued that the claims made by the Sandy Hook plaintiffs are “exaggerated.” Pattis has also said the Sandy Hook families have “become partisans” and said the defense will argue the harm has been overstated “because they want to silence [Jones] for political reasons.”



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