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Algerian forest fires kill at least 26 people and destroy nearly 2,600 hectares

Algerian Minister of Interior Kamal Beldjoudarly told state television that 24 people lost their lives in fires in El Tarf, near the border with Tunisia, and two others earlier in Setif.

Beldjoudarly added that 2,600 hectares were destroyed as a result of the fires, along with nearly 1,800 hectares of brush and some 800 hectares of forest cover in El Tarf, Setif, Souk Ahras, Jijel, Skikda and Tipasa.

He said the state has deployed fire trucks, Air Force helicopters and other capabilities to extinguish fires.

Prime Minister Ayman bin Abd al-Rahman said on Thursday that all those affected by the recent fires will be compensated, according to private Algerian media outlet Al-Nahar.

Much of the northern hemisphere is battling extreme heat and below average rainfall, or even drought, raising the risk of wildfires. One year ago, at least 65 were killed in wildfires in the mountainous region of Algeria.

A picture shows a burnt forest following raging fires near Algeria's city of el-Kala on August 17, 2022.
Firefighters intervene to control a wildfire in Setif, Algeria on August 17, 2022.


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